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Web Based Forms

 Internet-based forms are a powerful way to automatically collect and process data - and have been shown to save organizations over $150 per paper form transaction.

Advanced Information Technologies' custom web based form allows you to implement On Line forms quickly and affordably. Since they are based upon HTML,  and XML industry standards, you can implement web based forms within your existing investments in Web servers, content management systems and email products.

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Automate Data Collection for Web Based Forms – Faster Implementation, Better Data

Most HTML forms require complex programming to design, and even more to connect with back-end database systems. As a result most organizations will cut corners and won’t automatically validate incoming data. The result? Bad data is passed directly into database systems, eventually forcing organizations into costly “database cleaning projects.” Worse, organizations use this data to ship orders, direct mail or eat up Internet bandwidth on bad email addresses.

Advanced Information Technologies' web based forms saves your organization time and money on the implementation of Web forms, and actually improves your data as it is entered. First, the On Line form is a click & type application that creates usable data. Processing rules ,JavaScript in the browser, verify data is acceptable and more sophisticated server-side rules can confirm data with database lookups and calculations. With connection to existing databases data can be validated.

Implement Web Based Forms  

A recent study funded by Microsoft showed that paper forms cost organizations over $165 per transaction. From printing and storing, to the employee time in finding the form and someone keying in the information, $165 may be a low estimate. But Microsoft found an even bigger cost – the lost productivity caused by paper forms.

Advanced Information Technologies' custom web based forms was developed with standard web languages to allow organizations to put their paper forms online. Since web based forms maintains the look of paper online, organizations can quickly convert their paper forms into online fill-able forms, eliminating printing and storage costs, and improving employee productivity. Because custom web based forms works with any backend database, online forms can be submitted and processed with data validation and instant connections to database and archive systems.

Platform Independent Web Forms – Based Upon Industry Standards

The Internet offers organizations a unique opportunity to use Web standards to deliver On Line form applications that are affordable and can grow to meet future needs. You don’t have to adopt a proprietary plug-in or a single content management platform to get the benefits of web based forms.

Advanced Information Technologies' custom solutions are compatible solutions that you can add to existing Web servers, PC LAN networks – whatever you use as your content management system. By putting blank forms online, into an existing web site, your organization can get the benefits of On Line forms.

Advanced Information Technologies has done special web based forms integration with products from third party vendors as well as in-house core applications. Advanced Information Technologies' custom web based forms and ability to connect to existing databases provide a solution for all platforms.

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