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Custom Programming

Stuck in your project? Need a routine that no one has? Then call on Advanced Information Technologies custom programming for all your programming needs. By the hour or by the project (fixed price). When you are stuck we can help!

  • Expert programmers and problem solvers.
  • Fast response
  • High quality code

Fill out our online Consulting Request Form for more information.

Advanced Information Technologies Overview

Advanced Information Technologies has been producing programming tools for Basic and C since 1989. We have a staff of analysts and programmers specializing in Visual Basic, databases and Web development.

Because we are a tools programming house we have solutions that fit your needs. Writing tools requires a greater level of skill than average programming to produce reliable, fast, readable and reusable code. This insures that your project will be completed with high quality code in a timely way.

Web development

We know HTML and Java secrets that will make your web site shine. And if you want to put a database on the web for query or interactive world-wide entry then our Web and ASP programmer will save the day. We have done both Windows and Unix based projects.

ASP Web Development

If your web project is in Microsoft ASP then our ASP, VB and Access programmers are standing by to help you.

Visual Basic

We have been writing Visual Basic programs since the beta of VB1. We now write in VB3, VB4 16/32-bit or VB6, depending on your program specs. We can also convert old QuickBASIC programs over to Windows with VB.


We have written DLLs, OCXs and complete programs in C and object oriented C++. We have a full understanding of the Windows API and low-level DOS; some of our programmers are Microsoft Certified in operating systems.


Our Unix guru does C++ and Perl and can hack his way around Suns and Linux with ease.


We can program your database system in SQL Server, Access, FoxPro, Dbase, Oracle SQL or Clipper. Complex tables and multi-level queries are no obstacle. Beautiful reports are only a mouse click away.

Where do we work?

Although we are based in the South Florida area, we have done projects for clients across the USA.

Please give us a call at 954-255-3344 or fill out our online Consulting Request Form for more information. We will be happy to discuss your specific needs.

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