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Outsourcing your IT needs

Advanced Information Technologies, Inc. provides a variety of computer consulting services. The following is a list of areas of expertise
Resource Team LAN Support Resource Team Outsource Solutions
Resource Team WAN Support Resource Team Internet Solutions
Resource Team Infrastructure Planning Resource Team Help Desk
Resource Team System Analysis Resource Team PC Support Personnel
Resource Team Software Support Resource Team Network Support
Resource Team Consulting Services Summary
LAN Support

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   Advanced Information Technologies' network administrators and engineers are some of the best in the business. Advanced Information Technologies was formed by network professionals who have worked at some of the largest and most complex computer system in existence. When you need help, you want the best people available to keep your network running at peak efficiency. Advanced Information Technologies can not only keep you LAN on track, but also deliver the right solutions, thus lowering your total cost of ownership.
WAN Support

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   WAN communications have been integral in medium and large environments for years. Today, WAN implementations are becoming more commonplace in smaller networks with the advent of Virtual Private Networks, and other technologies. Advanced Information Technologies not only has staff experienced in large environments, but can bring those same experts to your smaller network as well. When expertise is what you need, you can be assured Advanced Information Technologies can deliver.
Infrastructure Planning

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   How is your infrastructure? Do you have systems in place to help you communicate today? Are you outgrowing your infrastructure? What options are available? Network infrastructures have been evolving in companies for years. Just keeping up is a battle in and of itself. But what are the best answers for you? Advanced Information Technologies can analyze your existing system and data processing trends to help determine what your needs are, and recommend the a solution - not only for today, but tomorrow as well.
Systems Analysis

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   Is your network secure? The question is that simple. If your like most people, you don't know the answer. The best way to find out is to let people with experience in the field who have also designed security models examine your network, and see just how secure it really is. When we conduct such an analysis, we do it discreetly, and write a confidential report delivered only to those who need to read it. If you have not completed an independent outside audit recently, you probable need to conduct one. Contact your Advanced Information Technologies representative for more information about this service.
Internet Solutions

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   Internet solutions are more than just getting a web page up and running. Advanced Information Technologies designs web sites, provides e-commerce solutions and Internet connectivity. Advanced Information Technologies had partnered with DSL providers, Blue Star and Microsoft to bring you high speed Internet connectivity and the best quality Internet servers.

   Whether you need your web site hosted or need a comprehensive in-house solution, contact Advanced Information Technologies for your Internet needs.
Help Desk

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   If your employees are complaining your help desk is a 'helpless desk', then you may need a total solution, just a few of the right people to round out your support staff, or maybe the right manager to turn it around. We can design and fulfill a tailored support services to your needs. We also offer incident based 24 hour a day 7 days a week phone in service. We can also implement Microsoft solutions such as Systems Management Server, and thus implement self installing, and self fixing solutions. Sound implausible or even impossible? It's not. Call Advanced Information Technologies to speak to a help desk specialist about your needs.
PC Support Personnel

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   Some companies just offer 'warm bodies' to fill desks. We offer experienced specialists, and we do it by pre-qualifying our staff with extensive technical interviews that surpass those of most other consulting firms. So if you don't want to waste time with unqualified people, contact us and speak to an experienced technician, not a personnel manager for more information about how we can help custom fill a position with well qualified technical people.
Out-Source Solutions

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   Out-source solutions can save your organization money by allowing an outside firm to manage your IS department, thus allowing you to concentrate your efforts on your core business. Our out-source specialists can combine the above services into a centrally managed solution, and allows your organization to scale it's IS department to the right size whenever a change is needed. When you have a project that requires short term assistance, we can add that staff for as long as you need it. It's up to you. It's your business. We are a solution provider. Call Advanced Information Technologies to discuss your needs today.
24 Hour Call-In Support

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   What do you do when it's after hours, you need computer support help, and you have nobody to call? Call the Advanced Information Technologies Team! Advanced Information Technologies has on-call technicians available evenings and weekends. Contact the Advanced Information Technologies Team for more information.
24 Hour Networking Support

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   It's after hours, perhaps late at night, and you are having a networking problem. Who can you call? Advanced Information Technologies can provide 24 hour networking support for your company. Contact the Advanced Information Technologies Team for more information.
Advanced Information Technologies Support Links

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   Have you ever had a problems finding the home page of a computer company? Our technicians did, so they created a support-link page so they can get to almost any manufacturer they want to in seconds. We thought it was a great idea, and decided to make it public.

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   The Advanced Information Technologies staff is uniquely qualified to serve your complex computing needs, as well as the experience and knowledge to understand that it's your business and livelihood that we are working on. We will work with you every step of the way to make sure you are getting the solutions you need to solve business problems today, as well as plan for the future.
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