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Send and Receive Faxes at Your PC

Remember the days when small offices were considered "with-it" if they had a fax machine? Well, sorry to say it, Mr. Fax-man, but you're now considered old news. You've been replaced by desktop faxing.

Think about it. Sending faxes manually can be rather inefficient. You have to print out a document, walk over to the fax machine, dial a number, and wait for a successful transmission. If you take the number of faxes your business sends in a year and multiply this by the time it takes to complete the fax, you're losing a lot of valuable time.

Now, with Microsoft Fax Service—which comes in Microsoft BackOffice Small Business Server—you can provide desktop faxing to all of the clients on your network. Right from the desktop, users can send a document they just created in word, or scanned into their machine with a scanner, to a fax machine. All they need to do is specify a customer, enter their phone number, and they can send it through the server without leaving their desk.

Administering the Fax Service is a breeze. When you install Small Business Server with Microsoft Fax Service, it installs any fax modems it finds on your PCs and enables then to send and receive faxes. You have the option of controlling user access to fax services, changing how received faxes are handled, instantly routing incoming faxes, creating automatically generated cover pages, and more.

If you're not convinced, please allow us to get scientific. The average time it takes to print out a document, walk to the fax machine, dial the number, and wait for successful transmission is approximately 10 minutes. If you send about 750 faxes a year, that's 7,500 minutes, which is approximately 125 hours. 125 valuable hours spent just waiting for the fax to go through.

With a desktop fax, you and your employees can work much more efficiently—put those 125 extra hours to good use—and suffer less distraction by centralizing the majority of communications through their desktop PC.




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