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Will Electronic Imaging Help My Organization?


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Will Electronic Imaging Help My Organization?

It certainly looks like the concept of the "paperless" office is more a myth than a reality. Everyday there are more and more paper documents to file and store. Here are three realities to keep in mind:

  • 95% of all information is still paper based.

  • The volume of paper based records doubles Every 3.3 years.

  • 40% of paper based files are photocopies.





To state the obvious: Document storage and retrieval has become one of the biggest challenges affecting businesses today. Saving an organization’s records in paper format can be costly and grossly inefficient. The high cost of labor and office space has sent many information managers searching for an alternative to storing records in office filing cabinets.

Historically, two of the most popular alternatives have been off-site warehouse storage and microform (microfilm and microfiche). Each of these has proven to have limitations for security, permanence, and ease of retrieval.

The answer to your record storage and retrieval problems is Electronic Image Management. With Advanced Information Technologies' state of the art hardware and industry exclusive software like PaperlessOffice, you can store literally millions of documents from a desktop. With this system, paper and electronic documents can be filed and stored on hard drives or optical disks (WORM). Once stored, documents can be located in a matter of seconds. After they are located, documents can be viewed on a standard computer monitor, printed with the same clarity as the original, or sent electronically to other people on or off the network. File duplication can be eliminated or reduced as departments will no longer have to keep their own copy of important records. Authorized users can now easily access records and documents from any workstation. Remote offices can now electronically share the documents they desperately need – including those stored only at the home office!

 Assuming what you have read so far is of interest, the next step is to answer the original question – "Will Electronic Imaging Help My Organization?" If the answer is YES to one or more of the following questions, your organization can definitely benefit from an Electronic Image Management System.

  • Do you have more than 100,000 filed pages? (equivalent to 10 four drawer file cabinets).

  • Are you using microfilm or microfiche?

  • Would your business be severely impacted if records were lost due to fire or other disaster?

  • Would your productivity and customer service improve if your staff had easier, quicker access to information?

  • Is there better use for the space currently being used for document storage?

A document imaging system will make every member of your organization more productive. Instead of taking up space and frustrating everyone, your filing system will be turned into an Information Center! Information will never be lost again and will be instantly available, 24 hours a day!


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