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PaperlessOffice Custom Edition

PaperlessOffice Custom Edition is the choice when Imaging Enablig an Existing application is the objective.

Most companies and organizations have customized applications already in place handling many of their daily work requirements. These applications are highly productive because they are tailored specifically for the business, but lack the ability to handle mission critical Document Management. Custom Edition allows the seamless integration of Imaging and Document Management into most any existing application by Imaging Enabling them. This allows your organization to utilize your existing application and its database structure to capture and retrieve Documents at the touch of a key. This saves time and expense on training and implementation, while also allowing your organization to almost immediately realize the benefits of this technology.

PaperlessOffice Custom Edition gives A.I.T. the ability to write custom applications for companies who wish to control the Graphical User Interface (GUI) and Flow of their Imaging Product. It also gives the customer the option of owning the rights and source code to distribute their application with certain licensing restrictions. Using components, which are available both as applications and as tools, custom applications and workflow products can be built

Support Features

  • Scanning up to 150 PPM (300 images per minute - duplex mode) on leading production scanners from Banctec, Bell+Howell, Fujitsu, Kodak, Panasonic, Photomatrix, and Ricoh.
  • Network printing up to 25 PPM, royalty free.
  • Display support, including annotation of image files, for black and white, grayscale, and color images up to 24 images per second, royalty free.
  • File storage and retrieval, (supports TIFF, Multipage TIFF, PCX, BMP, CALS file formats) image compression and decompression and scaling and rotation
  • Bar Code and Patch Code Recognition
  • Black Border Removal
  • Deskew
  • Speckle, Streak, and Shade Removal
  • Line removal and image filtering
  • Forms Recognition
  • Page Registration

Building A Complete Solution

Using PaperlessOffice Custom Edition, we can develop production-level applications that speed the indexing of images, increase OCR accuracy, and decrease overall image file size to make your application a cost effective and efficient document management solution. Custom Edition provides ActiveX and VBX controls for scanning, automated recognition, image cleanup, forms processing, viewing, and printing of images.


PaperlessOffice Custom Edition supports all of the industry's leading production document scanners at rated speed. Custom Edition supports color, grayscale, and black and white scanning. Images can also be imported directly from disk in a variety of file formats. There are ten common dialogs, ready for integration, for users to set scanner settings. Other features include support for:

  • Auto-blank page deletion
  • Forms Recognition
  • Bar Codes and Patch Code Recognition
  • Auto rotation (independent rotation angles for front and back sides of a duplex image)
  • Auto-length detection
  • Independent picking rectangles for front and back sides of duplex images
  • Text annotation and endorsing

Automated Recognition

PaperlessOffice Custom Edition speeds the processing of documents that contain patch codes and bar codes by automatically recognizing and translating the coded data each contains.

Patch Code Recognition.

Custom Edition will detect and recognize up to six unique patch codes types. Patch code can be used to recognize changes in batches, stop the scanner for manual setting adjustment, or to signify any unique attributes in a set of documents.

Bar Code Recognition.

Custom Edition will recognize ten different bar code types, including situations where there are different bar codes on the same page. Custom Edition can process up to 64 different bar codes on any document, no matter their orientation on the document.

Image Cleanup

Custom Edition provides improved image quality for OCR processing through a variety of image cleanup controls.

Black Border Removal

Performed simultaneously with scanning, this feature eliminates the black edges generated by scanners with black backgrounds. Performing this process reduces the image file size while improving legibility.


In order to correct image skew created during scanning, the Deskew function employs an algorithm that compensates for image skew and corrects it to a full 100-degree orientation. The deskew feature does not require lines or leading edge borders to operate.

 Speckle, Shade and Streak Removal

These modules eliminate random noise (speckles and streaks) as well as shaded backgrounds either present on the original document or generated at time of scan.

Line Removal

Implementing this function serves to eliminate all unwanted horizontal and vertical lines. Features within the module enable developers to provide automatic character repair when desired text and unwanted lines intersect.

Image Filtering

This module can be used to perform a variety of enhancements on lines and characters. Lines and characters can be smoothed, thickened, thinned, filled or outlined in order to make them more legible and recognizable.

Forms Recognition

PaperlessOffice Custom Edition can recognize scanned images of forms by comparing them against a catalog of master forms. Complex algorithms enable Custom Edition to learn the properties of each master form, perform page registration, and return a list of the most likely matches.


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